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Music - Fitness - Food - Motivation

"Music changed my life, music shaped my life & even when i felt my career was taking a downward spiral, music SAVED my life ! Many doors have closed but plenty more has opened. Never give up"

Follow me on this journey of aMAZIN music, healthy living & pure happiness

A MazinLEE Me 

Talent - Hustle - Prayer 

Lee Mazin began her music journey freestyling in the streets of her hometown (Philadelphia).  Within months she was stamped The Hottest Female Emcee by many in the game! Now-a-days Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will, ambition, hustle and determination has helped push this artist forward and continues to drive her development and success and has helped mold her into an aMAZIN artist & also a multi-business owner and leading entrepreneur . Check out her latest music/videos, apparel, fitness & cooking journey + more below. Get in touch, Shop & possibly speak directly to Lee.


Be Fit - Be Lit - Be AMAZIN

Personal Trainings - Fit Classes - Online Workouts + more

Health brings more happiness ! A Mazin Fit was designed to help people of all walks of life, fall in love with themselves all over again or for the first time ever; through physical fitness, better eating habits, and healthy living ! 

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